CCAP moderator urges faithful to fulfil vows

 Mangochi CCAP Pastor Reverend Manford Kutani has reminded his faithful to honour pledges of supporting the church, which they made with God early this year by ensuring that they make good of the same.

Kutani said this last Sunday during church service.

Rev Kutani (standing): We made vows in January this year

“This is the eighth month. We made vows in January this year, where we mentioned what we can afford depending on our income and how much blessings we receive from God. But it is worrisome to note that some of us have not even paid a single tambala up to now,” he said.

The moderator further observed that failure by the Christians to fulfil their promises means breaking the vow they made with God, saying this attracts curses in the same way Ananias and his wife Sapphira, experienced in Acts Chapter 5, after deceiving God.

 “Try to make better plans that will see you fulfilling the promise you made before the end of this year. Let your ‘pledge cards’ be filled with the monies you committed, not the current situation where the cards are braced with blank spaces,” he said.

Complementing Kutani’s remark, a trainee pastor who preached during the day, Davie Watchipa, challenged the Christians to heed God’s call by accepting to go any place to preach the word of God as Abraham was commissioned by God in the book of Genesis.

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