Charles Mchacha


Democratic Progressive party (DPP) regional governor for the South, I would feel ashamed to insult women who belong to other political parties, in particular UTM, as I did during a political rally in Blantyre’s Ndirande Township.

If I were ‘Chikuni cha Utsi’, I would appreciate that the Constitution gives every citizen the right to belong to a political party of his or her choice; hence, it is not a sin for women to belong to other parties other than my DPP.

Oh yes, Charlie, being one born of a woman, I would realise that it was unfortunate and a shame to describe women that belong to UTM as mahule (prostitutes).

I  would also realise that obscenities may earn me a ministerial position, but will not earn my party votes because times have changed and Malawians want politicians who raise issues that bring food to their tables, not insults to which I happen to be a specialist.

If I were Mchacha, I would appreciate that it is men with the wrong mentality like mine that put off women from actively participating in politics.

That is if I were the DPP regional governor for the South, but fortunately I am not honourable Mchacha now Deputy Minister of Homeland Security

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