Comsip members desperate for markets

and Investment Promotion (Comsip) groups from Binali Village in Salima have pleaded with authorities to link them to better markets for their products.

The groups, which have been trained in business management, are producing valuable products such as juice, confectionery and poultry products.

Comsip members baking to imporve their livelihoods

The sentiments were made by members of the group during a nutrition open day organised to showcase various food products produced by the groups.

Reacting to the call, Salima district community development officer Bryton Chunga said that groups are making quality products that cannot only help consume nutritious foods, but also fetch more money on the market.

“There is no doubt that these Comsip groups have improved the living standards of a lot of families in the villages and we urge other women who haven’t joined to join, and on top of that, Comsip is always open to give money grants to groups which are hard working to make more products,” he said.

Faida Msungu, who is one of the women from Nyanja group, complained that most of their produce is wasted because of lack of markets.

Chairperson of Salima district council, Evason Mpayani, said the council would try to help link the groups to better markets for their products.

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