FAM plans acquiring uniforms for women’s team

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) general secretary Alfred Gunda has said the local soccer governing body plans to acquire uniforms specially designed for the women’s national football team.

Currently, the Malawi women’s team uses men’s national team uniforms for training and matches.

“In terms of the numbers of uniforms that we have, we distinguished the distribution to the senior men, junior men and women’s teams.

“However, we plan to have specialised uniforms that the women can be identified with,” he said.

The development comes after some women’s football players complained that they were feeling uncomfortable sharing uniforms with their male counterparts.

Women’s national team captain Tabitha Chawinga has welcomed FAM’s plans, saying “they will help to give us the dignity and respect that we deserve”.  In terms of diet and other things they get while in camp, Chawinga said they are satisfied as they have a special dietician who guides them, and they are allowed to get into a gym to improve their physical fitness.

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