Government should not shirk its responsibility over hospitals

Dear Judge Mbadwa,

I am seething with rage at the total disregard for the sanctity of life under the watch of Mapuya and his People’s Demagogic Party (PDP).

It is quite clear that the once vibrant health delivery system has been run down under this administration and I will not apologise for that My Lord.

Perhaps you have already heard why a government that is supposed to care for its people, whether rich or poor, has failed to buy or maintain a CT scan and an MRI machine for its referral hospital.

It had to take the courage of a dedicated doctor who cares for his patients to sound a clarion call for help to save poor souls who could not pay for scanning services at a private hospital.

What is even more painful is the revelation that lives are lost when someone does not come to the rescue of the poor.

But My Lord, where was the Minister of Health and the so-called technocrats at Capital Hill who are overseeing this shambolic delivery of health services?

A whole regional hospital in the 21st century is allowed to operate without essential equipment and drugs, yet we like to hear someone boldly claiming on the podium that they are the best thing that has ever happened to the country’s politics and administration?

My Lord, have hospitals been neglected because politicians don’t get their treatment at such facilities or it’s just the manifestation of standards they have or the manner of doing things that characterise their leadership?

My Lord, I hear some hospital authorities are now being vilified for sounding the alarm. Seriously? 

They wanted the poor patients to die and the news to be buried under the mat like all the dirt of inefficiency that has deliberately been hidden?

My Lord, I don’t think one Cloud Sauli was trying to score a political point when he came to the rescue of the health facility because if the PDP administration really cared, they should have just ensured that their health facilities are running at the maximum with appropriate drugs and equipment.

You don’t start blaming a neighbour or a well-wisher for feeding your starving children otherwise you should have just provided for them yourself as a father if you wanted to avoid embarrassment.

My Lord, I think it is being irresponsible for the PDP government to start making claims that the clarion call was politically motivated.

My Lord, I believe this kind of thinking is a mockery on the dignity of patients who are entitled to proper treatment and care from a government that pledged under oath to meet their needs.

For shirking its responsibility and for a conduct that has led to deaths of innocent patients, I think your court can start proceedings to arraign the Minister of Health, the PDP president and the secretary general of the party as they have failed in their job.

My Lord, by this letter, I want also to request your tribunal to order that government equips all health facilities with necessary equipment before the end of the year failing which you will commit to prison the responsible minister and his controlling officers.

I remain,

Pamalo pa Nzika.

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