Happy New Year and welcome to another season of fair rulings

As we usher in 2019, I Judge Mbadwa and the citizen’s court called People’s Tribunal, would like to welcome you into another season of fair trials.

Some politicians and service providers were regular visitors to this tribunal, an indication that they grossly violated the rights of the citizens.

The likes of Mapuya and his People’s Demagogic Party (PDP), Egenco and Electricity Supply Corporation of Nyasaland were constantly at loggerheads with citizens due to the manner they rationed blackouts.

Dr Sauli Cloud caused a sensation on the political front not so much for dressing as Santa but for taking his former boss Mapuya head on and for causing a political upheaval with his new way of politicking.

Lazaro and his cockerel henchmen also made notable appearances in our courts but Amayi and her Orange Party were conspicuous in their absence in the applications filed in this court.

Her scenario was understandable as she spent most of her time gallivanting.

As was the case last year, Mr Jonah Kapita of the Disgruntled Association of Consumers became the most prized court user following a high number of applications made in this court.

But the chiefs, especially those who loathed anything opposition under the guise of supporting government of the day, were the perpetrators of the year.

As we go on another journey of trials and arbitration, honourable Mbadwa would like to repeat that statement made at the onset of the court so that it sinks in the minds of perpetrators of crimes against the citizens and in those seeking arbitration.

Firstly, the power of this court to adjudicate cases or issue orders is not derived by the conventional judicial systems as defined by the Republican Constitution, neither is it guided by international law as is the case with the International Criminal Court and other adjudicating agencies.

This is just a citizen court that looks at issues affecting the citizens and whose power to dispense justice is defined by public interest. This court, therefore, can summon anyone,, regardless of whether they enjoy immunity elsewhere or not.

As you remember that the President, Mapuya, appeared by the tribunal more than once, so did Cabinet ministers.

We are also not compelled to follow archaic protocols and decorum of those courts of wigs and suits, including citing of incoherent sections and subsections to show how good one knows the law. This is the court of the people where vain philosophy and rudiments of the world and its wisdom cannot win one a case.

The judge hopes 2019 will be a year where the citizens will enjoy their full rights as bestowed onto them by the constitution and various charters advocating the same which this country recognises.

The judge wishes you a happy New Year.

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