Harmony Arts Theatre to stage Chisoni’s Misfortune

In a move to promote English drama, two Lilongwe-based English drama groups Harmony Arts Theatre and Dzuwa Arts, have come together to stage their plays during a joint show this weekend at Lilongwe Community Centre Hall.

Harmony Arts Theatre will premiere its new production, Chisoni’s Misfortune while Dzuwa Arts Theatre will premiere It Was A Lie.

Cast members captured during rehearsals

It promises to be a complete artistic feast as the two theatre groups will be supported by Theatre Storm and Harmony dancers. 

Chisoni’s Misfortune, directed by Romeo Mdachi, talks about life of an ambitious young man which is ruined when he learns that he has close ties with people who betrayed him to lose the love of his life. Things take a turn for the worst when it emerges that he is an orphan, a fact hidden to him for ages.

In an interview, Mdachi said before coming up with the play, he did some research which guided him to tailor the production in a way that maintained some values, considering that the topic the play is tackling is sensitive.

Mdachi said: “We are tackling several issues. History has taught us that parents just inform us as children growing up from the same household that we are brothers or sisters without interrogating the circumstances.”

He said as a theatre company, their main focus remains bringing talented youths together and transforming them into agents that can promote different agendas in the areas of civic education, health and human rights, among others.

“We see it as a platform that can further sharpen their in-born talents while at the same time also preparing them for a real professional journey in theatre,” he said.

Dzuwa Arts director IgnatiousKaphinde said they are ready for the show.

He said: “This is yet another opportunity for theatre lovers from Lilongwe to watch a complete drama performance from us. People must come and appreciate how much theatre in Malawi is growing.”

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