I am lonely


I am 60 years old and lonely. I lost my years ago. At first, I thought I will never ever get involved with anybody in my lifetime. But, BMW, the more years are passing, the more I long and crave for somebody just to chat with on WhatsApp or just to tell me he loves me. BMW are there widowers out there who long for widows. BMW here I am stuck in the middle with you singing old hymn book days!!!

How can I find love?

Lonely Heart, via WhatsApp, Luchenza

Dearest Lonely Heart,

First, let me thank you for opening your heart to Biggie. I fully share with you the pain.

We were all created by Yahwe to love other people, so when we lose our loved ones, we surely feel cold and lonely.

I can only pray for you and hope that some widowed me out there will come forward to talk to you.


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