IF I WERE: Charles Mchacha

Deputy Minister of Transport and Public Works, I would realise that apologising to Nation Publications Limited (NPL) investigative journalist Bobby Kabango for verbally attacking and intimidating him was not enough,

Rather, if I were the minister who spewed obscenities without number, I would take time to reflect on my use of unprintable words that contradict my preferred standing as an honourable Cabinet minister and legislator.

If I were Honourable Charles Mchacha, I would always remember that I am a Cabinet minister; hence, I need to conduct myself as one.

If I were Mchacha I would realise that being a Cabinet minister does not make me untouchable and as a public servant.  I am subject to scrutiny because no one is above the law.

Oh yes, if I were Mchacha, I would realise that this was not the first time I have found myself in trouble for insults, having insulted women in 2018.

Therefore, If I cannot resist the temptation of insulting others then I would realise that I do not deserve to hold such a high position of a minister,

But I am not the unorthodox deputy minister, popularly known as ‘Chikuni cha Utsi’ in political circles. 

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