If I were Lazarus Chakwera…


President of Malawi Congress Party (MCP), I would realise that when top officials come out with all their guns blazing for flouting the party’s constitution, then I have every reason to conduct a soul-searching on the way I am running the show.

If I were abusaO’ Chakwera, I would not have called for a management meeting of directors when I was aware that my party constitution does not recognise such an arrangement.

Oh yes, if only I were abusa, I would realise that it is not healthy for the cracks in the party to be widening at this crucial time in the countdown to the 2019 Tripartite Elections because it paints a picture that I am failing to have a grip on the party.

How I wish I were the man of God because I would walk the talk by implementing what was agreed at the meeting held in December which resolved that the party leaders needed to be seen pulling in the same direction.

If only I were Chakwera, I would realise that the infighting gives the party’s opponents a chance to capitalise on its weaknesses.

That is if only I were babaChakwera, unfortunately I am not Kongiresi’s leader. Kwacha! Kwacha! n


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