In the matter of: PAC versus Nyasaland political parties

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The People Against Confusion (PAC) brought this matter before this tribunal, and in their words they claimed that they were worried that politicians, who are changing allegiance as if they are changing underwear, were demonstrating traits of change in talk only when their modus operandi remained the same.

PAC argued that as Nyasaland gears itself for tripartite elections, the citizens have been bombarded with defections of all manner.

People have moved from Lazaro’s cockerels to the Sauli’s movement only to despise the leadership of Lazaro.  Others have moved to Chipani cha Mayi from People’s Demagogic Party (PDP) and have ended up castigating Mapuya.

Those who had had a stint in Sauli’s movement and returned from wherever they came from are claiming that Sauli’s group is a bunch of novices who are Mapuya’s team B.

Even those who are wearing transformative garb are now labelling Mapuya an architect of evil machinations, yet they never said a word against him when they were under his rule.

PAC cited the recent outbursts by movement’s Maonda that PDP was terminating all critics and that he was invited to be part of that group of terminators though he claimed that he declined the invitation.

With that example and that of others who claim to be clean now after moving from party B to party C, PAC feels it is dangerous to trust defectors and the so-called born again politicians who do not show fruits of changing in deeds.

PAC, therefore, applied that this court should send into rehabilitation all politicians who defect from one party or political grouping to another before they are accepted as reformed  leaders.

It is the argument of PAC that the political landscape is full of political charlatans who prostitute themselves to the highest bidder as long as their buyer claims to have an agenda to improve the welfare of the citizens.

I have looked at the argument PAC has advanced and I agree that the recycled folks are calling the shots in the political world, hence it is delusional  to expect any change with the current crop of politicians.

Looking at the history of multiparty politics in the country, all politicians seem to have the same kind of orientation and that is dangerous.

Now, on the part of forcing them to go into rehabilitation, I believe that is the rightful direction Nyasaland should take.

Since we do not have rehabilitation facilities to cater for politicians, we can in the interim use the facilities that drug abusers are using after all political leaders behave as if they are also high on something.

Next time, the Political Party Act ought to be amended to include the component of rehabilitation of the recycled politicians.

Delivered on this 17 November 2018 by Judge Mbadwa.

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