Independence Day celebrations extraordinaire


The main event to mark the country’s 54 years of self rule might have taken place in Mzuzu. But Blantyre residents surely had one of the most memorable Independence Day celebrations ever.

This was due to two remarkable events in the city, namely the cultural afternoon at Blantyre Cultural Centre (BCC) and Carlsberg Street Bash along the Livingstone Street organised by Castel Malawi.

On Friday afternoon, Malawians were treated to drama, dance and acoustic music organised by Kwathu Drama Group in conjunction with Dikamawoko Dance Troupe.

Dikamawoko Dance Troupe in action

The freezing cold Friday afternoon did little to discourage fun lovers from flocking to BCC for the independence treat.

Starting with acoustic music offered by Kukana Kuba Jazz Band, traditional dances by Dikamawoko Dance Troupe to a play Chaulere by Kwathu Drama Group, it was a rare Independence Day experience.

“We decided to hold the event to let our fans in Blantyre enjoy the day in style. Independence Day should be a day when we also celebrate our talents and traditional dances,” said Charles Mphoka of Kwathu Drama Group.

The patrons who braved the cold were entertained, especially with traditional dances from Dikamawoko Dance Troupe and a theatre performance by Kwathu Drama Group.

By 5.25pm when the cast of Kwathu Drama Group finished its performance, every patron stood and cheered in appreciation.

“This was extra special. Better than any other Independence Day celebration I have ever attended,” said Mavuto Saidi, a Manja Township resident.

Later in the evening, it was time for beer and music lovers in the city to get their chance to celebrate the day in the best way they know how—music and drinking!

The well coordinated event had three stages mounted on the three sides of the street. The main stage had live band performances while the second stage had DJs with the final stage hosting promotional activities for Castel.

“Let’s thank the organisers of this event for allowing us Malawians celebrate our freedom day. Big up to Jai Banda and Entertainers Promotion for helping us enjoy this day,” said Edgar Kachere of Edgar ndi Davis duo.

He was speaking in between the duo’s performance which impressed the revellers.

Before Edgar ndi Davis, he revellers had also enjoyed performances from Bucci and Dan Lu, among others. After Edgar ndi Davis, Zembani Band took charge of things to the delight of many.

On the other side of the street was the second stage where a more youthful crowd gathered, dancing to the music selection from the DJs led by DJ Nathan Tunes.

However, the night had its own short comings ranging from lack of proper makeshift toilets for the revellers who resorted to relieving themselves at any place convenient to them.

Intoxicated revellers broke bottles and threw the particles anyhow, making the streets hazardous to walk on.

Nevertheless, patrons seemed to be having a great time as there were no major incidences, fights and injuries reported as the party went on till the early morning hours of Saturday, July 7. n

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