Introducing Legends Night

As the country’s creative industry continues to improve itself and create opportunities for its players, a new firm promoting the arts, Amaravi Creatives, has announced plans to host the Legends Night. Our Arts Editor EDITH GONDWE caught up with the co-partners of the stable Allan Junior Chidzanja and John Kamanga to get more details on the event and the firm as a whole.

Kamanga: Our goal is to unlock potential

Q: What is Amaravi Creatives. What does it stand for and what are its core objectives?

A: [Allan Junior Chidzanja aka Cap 10]: Amaravi Creatives is a multimedia and talent management company. We are a focus-based company comprised of young entrepreneurs who believe in the dream that most Malawians have. In this case, the dream is all about our entertainment industry.

Q: Now you have announced plans to host Malawi Legends Night. What is this event all about?

A: [Allan Junior Chidzanja aka Cap 10]: Malawi Legends Night is a musical night that focuses on bringing all the legendary musical acts that have and still are influencing the musical industry.

Q: Do you mind sharing some of the legends that will be incolved on this night?

A: [Allan Junior Chidzanja aka Cap 10]. We want to provide a platform for these legends where their talent can be showcased and appreciated. Some of the few that can be mentioned currently are Maria Chidzanja Nkhoma, Owen Mbilizi and Lester Mwanthunga.

Q: When should we expect this event to take place?

A: [Allan Junior Chidzanja aka Cap 10]: The event is set to take place sometime in December. We cannot say the specific date as we are still in the planning phase.

Q: What should Malawians expect from this planned event?

A: [John Kamanga aka Jay k]: As it has been put earlier, our goal is to unlock the potential of Malawian youths. We want to bring out their hidden talents. We also want to give an opportunity to those youths who otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity to realise their full potential. Malawians should expect more entertainment cutting across all appetites, starting with the legend night which is forthcoming…. Not only entertainment but we will be bringing a number of youth empowerment initiatives. We will be organising some charity work for vulnerable groups, taking part in development, and making Malawi the Warm Heart of Africa again.

Q: Apart from the Malawi Legends Night, what else should the creative industry expect?

A: [Allan Junior Chidzanja aka Cap 10]: As stated before, we are goal driven and focused. We want to offer Malawi an ultimate entertainment experience whilst also embracing our culture.

Q: Do you think Malawi creative industry is on the right path?

A: [Allan Junior Chidzanja aka Cap 10]:Yes, it is on the right path but all we need to do is accelerate its development. We also need to, as Malawians give this country a brand and signature. In other words, we need to put Malawi on the map.

Q: Do you have any concluding remarks?

A: [Allan Junior Chidzanja aka Cap 10]: Malawians should brace themselves for jam packed entertainment. n

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