Liwotcha’s cry for help

It has become a norm. When an entertainer, be it an actor or singer is well and performing, he or she becomes a household name.

Everyone would want to touch or write their biography. Some fans would even long for a mere greeting. That is when you are well and healthy.

Desperate for special medical attention: Liwotcha

But when one falls sick, he/she needs a helping hand. This is the current state of affairs of one of the country’s artists Isaac Liotcha.

During his hey days with Alleluya Band, Liwotcha was a known name. Then he brushed shoulders with Paul Banda and his brother Lucius, reggae ambassador Charles Sinetre, Matias Kalima, Paul Chaphuka, Foster Chimangafisi, Noel Makadali, Vincent Kachingwe and others.

The man, 46, from Kapile Village in Traditional Authority Nsamala in Balaka, also worked with the popular Zembani Band. He could play drums, keyboard and harmonica (commonly known as mouth organ).

But Liwotcha is sick. He has a liver problem which needs urgent medical attention. He also has problems with his eyes which have sores and itch. The musician can sometimes feel headache and then collapse.

Previously, he had leg problems after being injured five times- three injuries on one leg and two on the other.

“The hospital told me that the root of all this is the liver. They said that if the liver can be healed, everything will be fine,” said Liwotcha in an interview at his rented house in Balaka.

According to him, he could fail to eat or visit the toilet, but frequently vomited. Because of financial problems, the musician started receiving treatment at Dynapharn Clinic in Balaka. They were charging K65 625 a month. After two months, his health  improved, but the money ran dry. He was back to square one.

He then went to Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) in Lilongwe where, after a scan, doctors discovered that problems with his lungs. It was there  where he was told the truth.

“They told me that I need special treatment in Tanzania which is not available here. I was also advised to wear glasses that allow less light into my eyes,” he said.

Liwotcha is appealing for financial assistance to go to Tanzania for medical assistance. Currently, he goes to Maku Clinic to receive relief medicine.

That is not the musician’s only problem. Liwotcha has five children and his first born son, Laughter, is studying marketing at Lilongwe Technical College. He has to pay fees for him.

“With my condition, I do not know if I will manage to pay for his school fees. I only pray for a miracle to happen because my situation is making his future look bleak,” he said.

The musician could not talk about his up-keep saying, that is news for another day, but his focus is on getting back on his feet.

Liwotcha, however, thanked well-wishers that come to his rescue to visit a hospital.

Zembani Band leader Lucius Banda said he is aware of Liwotcha’s sickness.

“He has been sick for a while which is a concern to some of us. We worked with him at Zembani, but the band is not big enough financially to take him abroad for medical attention,” he said.

Liwotcha has released five albums- Ambuye Mutimvere, Bwerera Chemwe, Mavuto Alipo, Ungopilira and Tonthola.

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