Malawi to export poultry to Mozambique

Malawian farmers have a chance to start exporting eggs and chickens to Mozambique following a joint agreement the two countries made on Wednesday.

A Mozambican delegate on Wednesday arrived in the country and had audience with a Malawi team from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism, local poultry producers and Malawi Investment and Trade Centre (Mitc).

Mozambican delegates engaging Malawian representatives at MBS

The meeting took place at Malawi Bureau of Standards offices in Blantyre.

Business Association of Mozambique president, Assane Chaual Naparia, they have decided to import eggs from Malawi because of quality and affordability.

He said poultry products are mostly needed in the city of Quelimane.

“It takes us a half day to reach Malawi from Quelimane, and two days to Maputo, and this is a potential city that can provide us with eggs and chickens,” he said.

Naparia said there is a high demand for chickens and eggs at a company in Quelimane which has employed 6 000 people.

“Each person will need to eat half chicken a day and one egg. Apart from that, the Mozambican government is constructing hospitals and schools in the city of Quelimane, meaning there will be a high demand of eggs and chickens,” added Naparia.

A representative from the Ministry of Industy, Trade and Tourism in the Southern Region, Vyawo Chavula, said apart from eggs and chickens, the two also talked about exporting timber and rice.

“There is a big work taking place in Quelimane; hence, the demand. We are happy with this, and we will make sure to export quality products,” said Chavula.

Keggs Poultry and Feeds operation manager Mithun Shankar was happy to have agreed with Mozambican side.

In his remarks, Kel Foods Company manager Ernest Khombera asked the Mozambican team to remove some barriers that affect people to trading with their country.

But Naparia assured the Malawi business team that they will help every person who is supplying goods to Mozambique.

Mitc spokesperson Deliby Chimbalu said the agreement follows a project that her company has been conducting in the past four years to promote Malawian products.

“We have been in Zambia, Mozambique, China and others to sell Malawian products. It was for the same initiative that we met the Mozambican team and agreed to buy Malawi products,” she said.

Chimbalu said most countries are interested in buying soya, rice and cotton from Malawi.

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