Mandevu farm in Mother’s Day galore

The Village at Mandevu Farm in Machinga has this year again organised activities to celebrate Mother’s Day to appreciate the role mothers play in the society.

Among others, the farm has organised traditional dances, various types of traditional foods, competitions and sporting activities for both women and children.

The farm has been organising special events on all important days of the calendar since its establishment in 2009.

Local foods such as these will be on offer

In an interview, The Village at Mandevu Farm managing director Professor Leonard Kalindekafe said this year the activities will be extended to three days.

“There will be lots of exciting activities to keep the mothers entertained starting from Friday to Monday. The food will include chigwada, nyama yotendera, smoked bombe, therere, chitambe, nkhunda, zinziri as well as kalulu and gwape.

“We will also have various sporting activities, disco and traditional dances. Mothers are also encouraged to bring children because there will be activities for children as well,” he said.

Describing mothers as key to the success of any country, Kalindekafe emphasised the need for the country to value and appreciate its women.

He vowed to continue holding out such activities in his quest to promote culture and tradition.

A regular patron at The Village at Mandebvu Farm, Erica Phiri, said her experience during Mother’s Day event at the farm left a lasting impression.

“It was fun being out there eating traditional foods. I will see to it that I go again this time around,” she said. n

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