No album from me—Paul Banda

Seasoned musician ‘Sir’ Paul Banda says he has no plans of recording an album any time soon because of what he says is the non-existence of a music market in the country.

The artist has also indicated that be that as it is, he is raising money for musical equipment to establish his own band. At the moment, he just gets hired to perform with different bands, including Alleluya, AnthuAmbiri and Mingoli.

Banda: I would rather concentrate on live shows

Banda, who of late has been a regular fixture in music shows by various organisers, said in an interview it is not fair for artists to be recording music only to have their works distributed for free and shared among consumers without paying a dime.

“I would rather concentrate on live shows. Recording albums is a waste of time these days,” he said.

Banda was, however, quick to say he does not blame technology.

“I blame our authorities for licensing some people to share music online for free without properly looking at the artists themselves,” he said.

He was apparently referring to Malawi which is the country’s only online music store. It, however, also allows for free downloads of certain songs.

However according to the online music store, it is duly licenced to conduct its business in the country. According to information on its website,, for the songs it sells, every download costs K100 and K65 goes to the artist.

The songs are being purchased through TNM Mpamba, Airtel Money and Mo626, among others.

Currently, some of the artists who have already attested to the system are Sonyezo and Tay Grin whose singles Lokolo and Tola, respectively, have been selling on Malawi

“I have already been paid for about 30 000 downloads of Tola which is sold online,” said Tay Grin.

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