Scallas too small for Lulu

Artist Lulu proved why the debate about his status as a musician took music lovers by storm a few weeks ago when he gave an impressive performance of about four hours at Scallas Club in Blantyre on Sunday night.

The artist, who has been enjoying the spotlight following musician Patience Namadingo’s comments about the definition of a music legend, was energetic throughout his set.

“What’s up Blantyre. Kabula, are you ready for me?” screamed the artist at the beginning of his set.

It was clear, right from outside the venue, that there was a mismatch between the status of Lulu and the venue of the show. There was no parking space and patrons who had travelled by their cars had to search for parking space closer to the venue.

The performing space was also an embarrassing sight. Lulu and his Mathumela Band were constrained to a corner where he could not even lift a leg as he was surrounded by patrons, some of whom could be seen brushing shoulders with band members. 

Nevertheless, Lulu went on to dish out some of his songs from his previous and latest albums.

His performance was a testimony that he had rehearsed well with his Mathumela Band, judging from the chemistry with his band members.

The audience was dominated by UTM Party supporters who had attended a rally earlier in the day at Njamba Freedom Park close to Scallas. They sang along with him at times overpowering his vocals.

Some of the songs he played include Kumalembe, Tsogolo ndi Lowala, Mwachenjera Darling, Angampeze Ndani, Owema, Ungondibwelereza, among others.

The artist, however, surprised his audience when he was joined on stage by Skeffa Chimoto to do a live collaboration.

Singing a list of hit songs from the late Bright Nkhata, Mlaka Maliro and their own songs, the artists sent patrons packed on the small dance floor at Scallas into a frenzy.

“Lulu is an artist who knows his craft. This show should have taken place at a bigger venue,” said a patron who only identified himself as Charles.

Another patron Chikumbutso Njoka, who came all the way from Zomba to attend the show said Lulu’s work speaks for itself.

“His stage performance is very impressive. I am happy to just sit here and watch him perform. This young man is a genius,” he said.

Before Lulu’s performance, artist Sam Smacks opened the show with his songs Ndimasilira and Sophia.

In a post-performance interview, Lulu said he was happy with the support he received in Blantyre.

“We are planning a come back to a much bigger venue, maybe Comesa Hall. We will definitely come back,” he said.

Additional reporting by Gregory Gondwe, Contributor.

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