School for the Blind in need of assistance

Mulanje Vocational Training Centre for the Blind has appealed to well-wishers for assistance.

Mulanje district senior social welfare officer Devison Kamwani made the call on Saturday when Friends of Mulanje of the Catholic Church based in Blantyre donated K400 000 worth of foodstuffs, soap, tooth paste, clothes and dried fish.

“We need braille machines to print papers. We also need walking sticks for students.

Father M’mana (L) and Machemba (R) present the donation to some students

“We get money from government through Other Recurrent Transactions [ORT] which is disbursed late. As a result, our operations are affected,” he said.

Friends of Mulanje chairperson Allan Machemba said they decided to assist to lessen challenges the school was facing.

Jacob Nguluwe, a student, said some people discriminate against them because of their conditions.

“When we see people come to us, we start to believe that we are also human beings. I hope this is not the end because some students come from poor families,” he said.

Kamwani said Mulanje Vocational Training Centre for the Blind was opened by white tea farmers in 1958.

In 1968, government took over and by then, there were only boys. However, in 1998, girls started to enrol.

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