Sheikhs condemn corruption, immorality

Malawians of different faiths should refrain from indulging in corrupt practices if the country is to register meaningful development, sheikhs have advised.

The sheikhs gave the advice during this year’s Eid ul-fitr prayers held at Upper Stadium in Blantyre.

Sheikh Vinjenje preaches to Muslim faithful

Sheikh Abbas Vinjenje said corruption is perpetrated by leaders—be it religious, political or traditional.

He traced the evils of corruption, starting from the early years of religion up to the present times, noting that the vice has impacted negatively on societies.

The sheikh, therefore, urged the Muslim faithful and all Malawians to join hands and fight any form of corruption.

“Corruption is the convergence point for all sins. A corrupt person has to lie first before they become thieves since they have to get rewards not due to them. Then, eventually, corrupt people become killers since they cannot just watch the ones who might hinder their ill-motives.

“But a killer cannot inherit Jannah [paradise], so let us desist from corruption.” Said Vinjenje.

The Eid celebrations—marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan—were celebrated under the theme The Role of a Muslim in Fighting Corruption.

In a related development, Muslims in the country have been asked to refrain from immoral behaviour that spoils their health and leave them condemned at God’s sight.

Chairperson of board of trustees of Limbe Muslim Jamaat, Sheikh Abdul Gaffar Jakhura, made the sentiments during Eid al-fitr celebrations held at Mpingwe Sports Club in Limbe, Blantyre.

Jakhura said Muslims should mind their deeds in order to live peacefully afterlife when answerable to God’s call.

“Our deeds will matter after death. Let us be honest, truthful and show love in our deeds for one and all,” he said.

Jakhura said living in God’s line and engaging in humanitarian support of another should be sustained after the month of Ramadan.

“God wants us to share the fortune we have with the needy. During this winter season, we are distributing blankets and food items for everyone to feel the care of Allah. This helps to create unity,” he said.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar marked by stern fasting from dawn to sunset. n

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