Sound, Light and fun in Salima


It was all sound, light and fun over the weekend at Sunbird Livingstonia Beach in Salima when various artists performed to a fair crowd in a concert dubbed The Sound and Light Concert.

Organisers of the concert, Entertainers Promotions, said the concert went according to plan and even exceeded their expectations in terms of patronage and fun.

Patrons enjoy the music at the concert

Tonderai Jai Banda, director of Entertainers Promotions, told The Nation in an interview that this year’s concert was a huge success.

Said Tonderai: “The concert was explosive in general and it achieved its goal. We exposed talent to the world. We brought together different artists both old and new and the people had a good time.”

Banda said though they had a good patronage, they would have loved to have a bigger crowd and more support.

He added that all the artists who were on the programme performed and even had guest artists such as the all-girls band Krazy Colours.

“Artist Don Tarz in my opinion was exceptional on stage, but all in all, all the artists performed very well, he added.

Artists who graced the stage included Tay Grin, ‘Sir’ Paul Banda, Lulu, Patience Namadingo and ‘Sir’ Patricks. n


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