Sow the wind and reap a whirlwind

Dear judge Mbadwa,

I know you are not the type that easily eats threats, but the rumours, the scheming that preceded the reshuffles, the hiring and firing of the high command of the Nyasaland’s King African Rifles’ should have been a hint that you are probably going to be next target or should I say victim?

My Lord, we were warned by some overzealous peddlers of information that there was an impending juggling of positions following the change of fortunes begot by the Constitutional Court.

My lord, the volunteer sources told us that they are targeting your office, too, because they believe it is high time your wings were clipped as your court has been flying without perching for so long.

Yes, they say two roosters don’t reign in the same kraal hahahaha.

When the rumours started metamorphosing into breaking news, My Lord, my fears were confirmed on who the real prime movers of the changes were.

Some have actually been boasting on social media how they intend to rein in on apparent impunity against them, which begs the question on who is fooling who.

My Lord, I resist the temptation to comment why each and every ministerial portfolios has embedded tourism in it.

True, the ministerial portfolios being handed to some individuals when the country is preparing for fresh presidential elections make the holders look like holiday-makers and de facto tourists.

My Lord, we have the Ministry of Environment, Tourism and Wildlife, Ministry of Natural Resources and Mining, Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism, Ministry Housing and Tourism, Ministry of Disaster, Management Affairs and Tourism, Ministry of Health and Tourism, Foreign Affairs and Tourism and so forth.

Are you surprised why Kaka Henz Chifanz has refused to join a group of ministerial tourists who are going to burn gasoline at the expense of the taxpayer for doing literally nothing?

I will not even be deceived to comment on the union of Sauli and Lazaro and whether the razzmatazz of their engagement ceremony heralds something. But all I can say is that let the threats that come your way be dismissed like a poorly prepared case.

I have always said that everything being done now by anyone will be judged at the harvest time because the principle of seed and harvest applies truly in this life. There is a reason why things turn the way they turn later in life. What seed did you plant then? Whatever seed is being sown whether of discord or unity, hate or love will yield a harvest. Unfortunately, the season of harvesting is not under the control of the sower, but the crop itself.

When all that were sown have reach maturity is when we will know whether politicians, strategists and schemers were being clever or fooling themselves.

My Lord, this was not a church sermon but hey, your court sessions were suspended because of coronavirus amd I couldn’t help wondering at turn of events.

With Emmanuel Luciano

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