Tafiska’s trilogy

When you talk of Malawian writers, the names Walije Gondwe, Sam Mpasu, Edison Mpina, Jolly Max Ntaba and Jack Mapanje cannot be omitted.

Recently, a number of budding writers have emerged, giving hope to Malawi literary work while some acts face the risk of disappearing into oblivion.

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Joining the list of budding writers is one Tafiska Nyasulu Ndovi who has published her first three books, She Fell in Love With a Vicious Man, Death Did Not Spare Me Its Wrath and Zovu the African Elephant.

Death Did Not Spare Me Its Wrath is a story of a woman who experiences great loss. She finds solace in her daughter who tells her that life is for the living and she must not allow the grave to determine her moves. This story is in series.

The first part is; Death Did Not Spare Me Its Wrath.

“As we are talking, I am writing The Wrath of Life and The Game Of Wrath,” said Ndovi.

Zovu The African Elephant is a short story of an elephant from Nyika National Park.

“I was not short of words to describe the beauty of the great Nyika. Neither did I leave it to chance to give you the splendid beauty of the African elephant; its features and its emotions,” said the author.

The first book from the trilogy She Fell in Love With a Vicious Man will not only fascinate readers with her fiction, but will also taint the imaginations of her critics.

While it is a sad story, readers will likely fall in love with it as the book largely teaches so much about love issues and choices.

“I have taken my time to bring out the beauty, culture and cuisine of Malawi where the book is set,” she said in an interview.

The book chronicles a story of Uchizi, who was born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth. As someone who lacked nothing, she had a good education and a promising career until she fell in love.

“It’s a story of a young lady who manages to get herself a good education and starts her career but her life turns sour when she falls in love with a man who is not good for her.

“The stories are based on experiences heard from friends and colleagues over the years. There are a lot of true life events in the story, but mostly the story is fictional,” Ndovi said.

“The book tells us that we need to be careful with the chance we make. The book also tells us that when we make bad decisions, we still have the choice to rectify things by walking away.  To hang on in a relationship that is not working can be deadly. It is, therefore, educational at the same time the book has a lot of drama that will entertain you.”

But what motivated the author?

She said the motivation of the book is to entertain and at the same time to tell the world stories that happen around us.

“There are also a lot of lessons to learn from the story. It took me three weeks to write the book as the stories I already had in my head and just had to release on paper and structure them in an entertaining manner,” she said.

Currently, the book is available on Amazon in form of eBook and Paperback and Ndovi has a lot of short stories in the pipeline to be told.

So far, She Fell in Love With a Vicious Man has been receiving positive feedback.

“I have finished reading. It is a very good book as it keeps one wanting to know what happens in the next chapter. Keep it up and keep on writing. Very educative too,” writes Ezelia Nkhoma. Lusekelo Chirwa adds: “Another budding writer, I could not put the book down. My daughter says she would like to read it after I vet it of course. Get your copy on Amazon family.”

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