Tawonga Chimodzi seeks to revive career in Cyprus


Midfielder Tawonga Chimodzi says he wants to revive his career in Cyprus after signing a year-long deal with second tier outfit ASIL Lysi.

The former Silver Strikers player, who has 11 international caps, has had a turbulent career having changed clubs five clubs in three years.

After leaving South Africa side Santos in 2013, he joined Greek side Iraklis Psachna before moving to Platanias and Iraklis Psachna in the same European nation.

Chimodzi: I am optimistic we will
have a good season

In 2017 he signed for Cypriot side AE Zakakiou before moving to Greek side Sparti FC where he terminated his contract in the middle of last season, citing breach of contract.

Speaking in an interview, Chimodzi said through training he has been impressed with his new club.

“The season only starts this weekend, but by the grace of God, we had good preparations and I am optimistic we will have a good season,” he said.

The 30-year-old said he wants to help the club get promoted to the First Division.

“The desire is for the team to go up so God willing we might see it manifest. We just ought to utilise the opportunities we will get in the season,” he said.

In the meantime, the versatile midfielder has written off any prospects of making a national team comeback.

“I haven’t been in the set up since I was maybe 24 and now I am 30. I am indifferent about national call up. I would rather concentrate on what I am doing now and be a better player,” he said.

Flames team manager James Sangala said Flames technical panel has considered recall him.

“The coach (Ronny Van Geneugden) had a chat with him at some point, but he was injured and could, therefore, not be available,” he said

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