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Inside the house, with artifacts as they were originally displayed in the Mandela home

Tales from 8115 Orlando West Soweto

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In Soweto lies a street where two Nobel peace Prize winners once lived. It is the only street in the world where you can find two residences of men with such calibre....

Gwamba, Nesnes to launch at Robin’s

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Prime Time artists Gwamba and Nesnes will tomorrow launch their albums Kudutsa Pakhoma and Nthawi Yakwana at Robin’s Park in Blantyre....

Served with soul and jazz at Winnies

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Located in Johannesburg, Winnie’s Soul & Jazz Restaurant boasts about not only providing the quality meals but also a musical...

Uneducated, but with song

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Whosoever said “what you don’t have in height, make it with attitude” must have had one John Chiumia on their mind. This typical...

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A Surestream player (R) in action

3 Surestream players set for Europe trials next year

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Surestream Academy founder Chris Pitman has said he is very much impressed with the nurturing process of up-and-coming talent at the institution to the effect that three...

Malawi Junior Golf Open ends today

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The Junior Golf Open, which started yesterday at the Lilongwe Golf Club, ends today. The event, which was organised by...

Bullets not running business activities at club house

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Big Bullets FC has said although it is still operating from its club house, located at Mandala in Blantyre, it is not...

Japanese top Judo instructor in to train Malawians

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The Japanese government through its International Cooperation Agency (Jica) has sent a top judo instructor Yoshihiro...

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