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Maggaso’s passion in playing the flute makes him a marvel to watch

The flute magician of Chikwawa

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Down at Chikwawa in the Shire Valley is a man who has made a name out of his art. He has, over the years, been famous in his community due to his versatility on the...

Can we see beyond ethnicity?

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Joe Mkandawire (not real name) is deeply in love with Jane Chikabudula (not real name). Their relationship is based on honesty, respect and...

Burgers that steer taste buds

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So much more for a week old fast food joint in Chichiri, opposite Polytechnic. The Polytechnic Steers already is making an impression with...

Great Angels to launch CD

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New Year with a new album. Lilongwe-based gospel choir, The Great Angels, will on New Year’s Day launch their fourth album Mwasankha Ine....

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Among regulars at body building contests

No lab equipment to check athletes drug use

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Despite Malawi being signatory to the international anti-doping pact, the country has no laboratory equipment to test and guard against athletes that use drugs to...

TNM expenditure doubled last season

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TNM Super League of Malawi sponsorship in the just-ended season doubled the K65 million that is on paper to sustain the...

Mwenda leads Malawi anti-doping body

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Football Association of Malawi (FAM) executive member James Mwenda was on Tuesday elected interim chairperson of the...

Malawi to learn stadium management from Zambia

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Government has arranged a trip to Zambia next month for officials in the Ministry of Sports to learn how to manage the...

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