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If I were Grace Chiumia

Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, I would admit that my failure to respond to Lilongwe North East member of Parliament (MP) Maxwell Thyolera’s question to outline laws that allow people to only vote if they have  national identification card (ID) exposed my ignorance of laws.

If I were Chiumia, I would realise that my response that the exercise was meant to identify bona fide Malawians and only those with the ID would be eligible to vote was irrelevant to the question on the floor.

How I wish I were the minister! I would appreciate  that the fact that the Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya and government chief whip Henry Mussa intervened showed how clueless I was on the matter.

Oh yes, madam, for someone who likens herself to a respected public speaker, statesman and former US president Barack Obama, I surely could have done better to articulate this policy change.

If I were not prepared to respond to the MP’s question, the best way would be to ask for more time to consult relevant authorities as suggested by the chief whip.

That is if I were Chiumia. But I will never be her!

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