Charles Mchacha (Part II)


Regional Governor of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for the South, I would realise that the mind games I am playing surrounding my party’s ‘Blue Day’ march and the Civil Society Organisations’(CSOs) planned demonstrations are uncalled for and unfair.

If I were Mchacha I would appreciate that it was irresponsible for my party to postpone the so called ‘Blue Day’ on September 7, considering that the CSOs called off theirs to pave way for my party’s event.

Oh yes, if I were ‘Chikuni cha utsi’, I would appreciate that by going a step further to hint that the ‘Blue Day’’ could be held on September 20 or 21, which is again  the same period the CSOs have rescheduled their nationwide demonstrations, just shows how desperate my party is to foil the CSOs demonstrations.

I would appreciate that the move is tantamount to suppressing freedom of expression as enriched in the Republican Constitution.

If I were Mchacha I would consider going back to the drawing board as it shows how the DPP’s Southern Region chapter has lost its way (kuthamapulani).

Oh yes, I only wish if I were Mchacha, unfortunately I can never be him!

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