Conquering radio airwaves

There is a touch of class, talent and the perfect sound rocking the airwaves, especially on private owned Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) courtesy of a household personality Nelson Nkhata.

Love him or loathe him, the new catch has created the tone and style of radio output and established a great relationship with his listeners.

Nkhata on the air at Zodiak Broadcasting Station

Consequently, he has solidified his status as one of the best new revelation in the recent past for wowing fans with a powerful deep voice that crack through the speakers.

However, the radio gem, who is known for his powerful voice, is an epitome of what happens when one chases a dream in life.

Born on April 5, 1993, he is the first born in a family of four children and comes  from Kadyapena Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Wimbe, in Kasungu.

He attended several schools before completing his secondary school education at Mtunthama All Saints CDSS in Kasungu around 2003.

He pursued teaching for Open Distance Learning (ODL) at Chimwang’ombe FP School under Kasungu TTC’s Supervision. But later ditched teaching for journalism and in 2014, he enrolled at Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) where he obtained a Diploma in Journalism.

A few months later, he picked a full-time job at Capital Radio Malawi Ltd.

According to Nkhata, his work revolved around reporting and presenting programmes, notably Mingoli ya chi Malawi.

“I felt teaching wasn’t really my passion; hence, the switch. I have no regrets to quit teaching to join broadcasting,” he explains.

The radio star is nephew to music maestro Bright ‘Livewire’ Nkhata, who credits his journey in the industry to his late uncle.

“He used to encourage me to try myself on the radio because of what he perceived as my passion for radio and music,” he says.

Nkhata says since then he developed interest towards radio broadcasting.

“I was interested to know what happens on radio. For some one to speak through the box with wires

[radio receiver]

. However, it is that burning desire that gave-birth to Nelson Nkhata, the broadcaster,” he looks back.

He attributes his achievements to the first connections he made on Capital FM from 2015 until early this year where he got a job at ZBS.

The broadcaster will soon be hosting new programmes such as Ndakatulo and Achinyamata Yankhulani.

Nkhata said he is in broadcasting industry not by chance but rather he loves the art and wants to use it as a vehicle for disseminating vital information.

“Broadcasting is a powerful platform I get to connect with diverse listeners and offer a voice for them. I’m really passionate about music and also interested in youth development in the country,” he says.

Despite all his success in the media, he still feels that he has significantly contributed towards the growth of Malawi music through his radio programme.

 “At Capital FM, I was dealing in music programmes and this was a period during which we promoted a lot of Malawian music though programmes we had. And I don’t think musicians will feel the gap that has been created by my departure.”

For him, he mentions Jolly Kalero, Timpunza Mwansambo, Saul Rashid and Gospel Kazako as his constant source of inspiration.

“I have been a big fan of radio. However, during the time MBC was sole broadcaster, I used to like the way these guys handled their programmes,” he noted.

ZBS senior journalist Joab Frank Chakhaza describes Nkhata as a boisterous young man with a free spirit and a terrific sense of humour.

“Working with Nkhata is fun; he is humble and ready to take advice. However, his presentation of radio programmes is refreshing and he keeps his audience captivated with his well researched information,” says Chakhaza. n

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