Firms partner on solar energy


Maeve Project has partnered Nyumba Builders in a bid to promote affordable and sustainable solar power systems for low -ncome households in remote areas to mitigate electricity accessibility challenges.

Programme manager for Maeve Project, Tendai Chimbati, said the firm is currently working with 10 companies that are bringing Lighting Africa approved solar systems into the country.

Chimbati: Sustainable energy is critical

He said: “When companies or individuals bring these products in Malawi, they have to pay duty and other taxes and these weigh down on their returns and reduce capacity to go to the remotest areas where they are heavily needed.

“As you know, most of the citizens in rural areas are not connected to the electricity grid, most of them use paraffin and candles for lighting which is more hazardous to life, property and environment. So, we thought it wise to promote these affordable lighting solutions in the rural areas so that citizens are able to use these products which are sustainable.”

Nyumba Builders director Dexter Mkandawire described the partnership as ideal in bringing access to sustainable energy closer to people which is good for socio-economic development of the country.

“We know that there are people without access to electricity in rural areas. So, this partnership will be able to create traffic in our outlets, knowing that when people come looking for building materials, they will also be able to value add to their house lighting plans when they get these products in our shops. The solar power solutions are sustainable and affordable,” he said.

Maeve Project is a non-governmental organisation that is implementing GIZ Energizing Project aimed at promoting the uptake of renewable energy in Malawi.

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