Gospel artists conned in South Africa


Some Malawian well-wishers in South Africa have come to the rescue of gospel singers Stephen and Miracle Chinga who got stranded in Johannesburg.

The two—children of the late Grace Chinga—travelled to the rainbow nation on September 18 courtesy of two promoters, who were supposed to share costs of their transport as well as accommodation.

One promoter fulfilled part of taking them to Cape Town to hold two shows, the other failed to meet his obligations, despite Miracle and Steve performing in Johannesburg as agreed.

Rescued by well-wishers: Miracle (L) and Steven

“The initial booking was with the promoter for the three shows in Cape Town. However, in between the discussions, another promoter from Johannesburg, Smart Kamanga, wanted us to perform too. After discussions, it was agreed that Kamanga will meet our costs, including transport back to Malawi.

“When we got to Johannesburg after the Cape Town shows, he did nothing such that we had to perform without having our tickets back to Malawi. We just had to perform as we were already there and fans knew of our presence. He promised to get back to us which he never did. When we followed up, he changed tune,” said Steve in an interview.

Kamanga could neither confirm nor deny the allegations levelled against him.

“I have been advised not to say anything to anyone. Thanks, continue doing your story,” he said.

Meanwhile, some Malawian well-wishers have bought Intercape bus tickets and the two artists are expected to return home today. n

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