Skeffa conquers own fears in Masomphenya


Since bursting onto the local music scene, Skeffa Chimoto has embraced a multifaceted mission—preaching love to the broken-hearted, giving hope to the oppressed, being the voice for the voiceless and dialling up the value of  respect.

Just like many Malawian artists, his 15-year music journey is a mixed bag but his zeal has triumphed and has made him a household name—his own  music brand.

Dazzled patrons with his latest songs at Bicc: Skeffa

Skeffa’s exultation in his latest album Masomphenya pokes fun at the fact that a son of a poor man, a tailor to be precise, has against all odds risen to be one of the big names in the music industry both locally and abroad; Zambia in particular.

At the launch of his sixth album at Bicc in Lilongwe, Chimoto surpassed the expectations of many patrons and once again made history as he conquered his fears. This was the second time the award-winning artist dubbed ‘the jamming machine’ performed at the elite Bicc.

He then briefly shouts: “I am Skeffa Mlongoti Chimoto and my father is a telala [tailor]. I am humbled to have my father here. We left the village together and came to town. We are not educated and standing in front of you, we see God,” he said as mixed emotions ran through his face while calling for his father to join him on stage.

From the audience, a petit but energetic man walked to the stage as fans gave Chimoto senior a standing ovation. He looked elegant in a blue striped suit and black shoes.

“People say I am lucky to have a talented son, but I love to share that with you people,” he said.

Despite the venue proving too big for the show, with only half of the auditorium filled, Skeffa lived up to his billing. The jamming machine was energetic as usual, at times beating his own limits as the ecstatic crowd was in for a night of fun.

As soon as Chimoto, clad in a grey striped suit and red-pointed leather shoes, walked on stage, the audience erupted into a thunderous applause as he sent revellers, including legislator for Salima North-West, Jessie Kabwila to the dance floor.

As he set the audience on a night ride of some of his compositions, the fans sung along to all his songs including the recently dropped four promotional singles; Yesu, Ndikumazisowa, Pakalapakala and Mundikonda.

In an interview, Chimoto said he was not bothered with the low turnout.

“When you do a good thing you  have to get a lesson out of it. I have learnt and I will work on that. We have been stagnant musically due to same routines that is why it is becoming difficult to improve on creativity,” said a jovial Skeffa. n

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