Lulu gets better in new album

Guitar wizard Lulu’s new album is clear evidence that the artist’ music is like old wine that gets better with age.

From the maturity of the lyrics to the sound output, his new album, Better In Your Arms is a fine piece of art.

In an interview yesterday, Lulu, real name Lawrence Khwisa said the album is a reflection of both his life and those around him.

Lulu: This is my time

He explained that this album also reflects his choice of music, which is universal.

“I play universal music where there are a lot of fusions despite sounding more Malawian,” said Lulu.

He said this is his time to show the world what he is made of through this album which includes gospel songs.

“Gospel music is what I am. It is very easy for me to come up with a gospel song than any other song,” said Lulu.

Some of the songs in the new album are Hanna, Undipweteka and Better In Your Arms.

“For the past few years, a lot of artists released new music, I did not. Now this is my time to do my thing and show my talent,” he said.

In Hanna, the first single from the album which features Zambia’s B1, Lulu opens with a captivating sound of the saxophone before coming in with his melodious vocals.

Hanna mama usalire

Hanna Mama puputa msozi,

Kungade kudzawala leka kulira leka kulira Hanna mama,

Inde mama mwatchulidwa mayina

MG1 ati pena ndi kape

Leka kulira

Puputa misonzi

Hanna mama……” goes the song in part.

The song basically celebrates the integrity of a wife who has endured a lot for the sake of her children while her husband spends his money on other women.

While most artists will either have their voice or the progression code of their songs as their strength, Lulu has both on his album, and in particular on Hanna.

Reacting to the release of Hannah, Clever Max wrote on Facebook: “Nyimbo ya Hannah mmh wayithyakula bwino(This song, Hannah is good). Just keep it up man, God bless you.”

The artist, who has five albums to his credit, started his music journey with Zembani Band.

He went on to establish his own Mathumela Band.

Better In Your Arms will be available on all online platforms as well as on CDs.

Meanwhile, preparations for the official launch of the album are almost done with all supporting acts being confirmed.Kwa George star B1 from Zambia, Dan Chazama, Tigris and Ro Kho are some of the artists who will support Lulu at an event to take place at Bingu International Convention Centre (Bicc) in Lilongwe on September 7. 

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