Mibawa hosts urban artists

Armstrong was on top of his game
Armstrong was on top of his game

It was a night of fun and serious dancing at the Mibawa Café on Saturday night, when the venue hosted various urban musicians.

Bucci, Mibawa Band, Kapirintiya, Maziko Band and Armstrong shared the stage back to back with non-stop performances that took the patrons to the wee hours of Sunday.

Fresh from a Saturday live performance at the same venue, Mibawa Band entertained the audience with several copied hits that took the patrons on a nostalgic journey back to the ‘90s.

Bucci took over after about an hour before leaving the stage for Kapirintiya’s Shadre Sangala, who performed several songs including the group’s popular song Bwenzi Langa. The events of the night took another turn around 11pm when Maziko Band took over the stage and displayed a performance that swayed almost every patron.

As guest artist, Armstrong stormed the stage at exactly 12.15am and could not mess the hype of the night. He opened his chapter with Ndilera. He also performed Ugwire Mtima, Without Your Love, Ulendo, Cabinet Yanga, Ndekha, Ndamusowa, but it was Sinditha Kumvetsa that thrilled the fans and turned the jam-packed dance hall into choruses as the fans sang along.

“It was a great night for me. I have enjoyed it and I am happy that people gave us good patronage. The mood was vivid and patrons proved they came to dance and I am happy that we all gave out best performance,” said Armstrong.

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