Millennials bring vintage

Their tender ages and exceptional creativity on vintage dressing that trended from 1960s through 80s to strike chords.

These are youth from Bangwe and Majiga II townships in Blantyre and Balaka, respectively, trading under the PowerMwee brand. Their works have gone viral on social media platforms for flaring up smiles of the public with the dress code and lifestyle of the good old days.

Consequently, known as the Millennials In Vintage under the PowerMwee 1970 segment, they to tell local stories in pictures in villages and trading centres to unveil historic dress traits. They cherish the local.

Bell-bottoms, suspenders, landmark briefcases, caps and other regalia from the past form their wardrobe.

The art is a surprise to fellow millennials while entertaining to senior citizens for taking them down the memory lane.

In an interview, one of the members, Ausborn Thom, says there aim is to entertain the public and help people to be in charge of their lives.

“Psychologically, a lot of people live more in the past and future than present. This is one of the reasons they do not appreciate life. They cannot count their blessings, which leads to anxiety overwhelming them. We deliberately cherish local fragrance of culture in order to appeal to the populace,” says Thom.

People should expect more brilliant works from PowerMwee

The millennials are those in the age bracket of 15 and 30 years.

Another member, Zaithwa Mhone, says PowerMwee is a philosophy to help get people be into a beautiful state of being.

“We are a source of bold smiles. People laugh when they see us. By that, we are taking them off the negative flow of thoughts and enhance the positive ones. We remind people of their mellow moments,” says Mhone.

Youths dressed to kill in vintage clothes

On the meaning of the name, Mhone says: “Whatever happens in life, people should remember, there is always the sun. Do not be overwhelmed with negative reactions. Be in charge. Smile on. Mweeturilani Mwamazaza. Mweetulirani mwa mphamvu. #PowerMwee.”

Thom adds that the brand PowerMwee will engage in inspirational and motivational talks, smile therapy and coaching.

So far, the Millennials In Vintage have done two story-telling in pictures hit productions: the 1970 Wedding Touch and an off touch of ‘Sikusinja ndi Gwenembe,’ whose pictures went viral on social media platforms.

An indication that the brand is steadily gaining popularity, their stories were published on @powermwee Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms and widely shared on WhatsApp statutes.

Following the unwavering support and response on the 1970 Wedding Touch story, they said they will produce a book of the same to be available on the market soon.

The millennials in vintage said they are available for bookings on advert contents, music videos, photo shoots, bridal party, old dance and play performances, among other activities.

An indication that the brand is steadily gaining popularity, Towera Mwafulirwa, 20, said she is looking forward to have a lot from the group, with enough testimony that Malawians have embraced it.

“This is a great opportunity for the youth to know some old things that were attached to our culture, as we are mostly brainwashed with the digital era,” she said.

They were not yet born in the 1960s through 80s. How do they produce awe-inspiring old stories?

A PowerMwee Balaka-based member, Bright Ritchie, said they get the stories from senior citizens who are excited with their works.

“God blessed us with the knack to act so we add flavour to the stories. We want to get as many acts as more of oral stories from the senior citizens to have them captured and printed,” he said.

In his remarks, PowerMwee creative director, Spencer Nundwe, says the brand will help people know and tap secrets within themselves to be in the right state of mind.

“Our concept is to unleash and enable people to embrace traits to be in beautiful state in spite of problems life throws on a daily basis. Apart from the vintage touch (folktales, music and fashion), we have therapies and talks. People should expect more brilliant works from PowerMwee, a brand for their well-being,” he said.

PowerMwee is going to be the biggest source of entertainment, Nundwe declares their vision. n

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