Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development

I would realise that the reason given for the delay to pay most civil servants is not convincing.

If I were in charge of the civil service’s salaries at the ministry, I would realise technical hiccups are expected and, therefore, the need to have back up.

I would further realise the need to communicate such problems in time so that civil servants should not be caught off-guard, otherwise the picture being portrayed is that government does not care about the well-being of civil servants.

Oh yes, if I were the ministry I would realise that such unfortunate scenarios put civil servants in an awkward situation and when push comes to shove, some of them are forced to get into debts.

If I were the ministry responsible for finance, I would realise that while an apology is a welcome development, the situation should offer food for thought to ensure that it should not happen again.

That is if I happened to be the official in charge of salaries at the ministry. Unfortunately, I am a mere scribe that is Garry.

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