New action thriller movie out

Sapitwa Film Production has released an action movie Dilemma, which has added to the rising number of thriller motion pictures in the country.

Shot last year in Blantyre and some parts of Chikwawa, the film centres on often elusive dreams that come with the search for greener pastures.

Part of the action in the movie

The crime thriller chronicles the life of a 16-year-old boy who fell into a trap in his search for greener pastures in a city after leaving the village, according to director, Miracle Katantha.

He said: “This film is speaking naturally to the people because it involves the common situations being faced by people in everyday life.  It has been produced to feed our zeal at Sapitwa to produce something with naturalness in order to connect with our audience.

“This film is targeting the general audience and addressing the major issue of youths being forced to do criminal acts specifically barbaric acts, in this case human body parts hunters.

“One of the lessons is that the barbaric acts are not necessarily being triggered because of poverty and ignorance, but also the tradition of neglecting the welfare of the boy child.”

Katantha said the film has also articulates other issues which youths are facing.

After a premiere on September 21 at Jacaranda Cultural Centre in Blantyre, Katantha said the plan is to take the film to other countries.

Dilemma will be sold on pre-order at the event and for all other customers who would not like to pre-order, it will be available on the market after November end. The pre-order strategy has been set forth as a way of fighting piracy.

The film has a 15-member cast with the main actors Chiyamiko Isobar Chiusiwa, who plays a leading role of Sandile, Memory Wàlani who is Nancy and Isaac Kasenjere, who is Naidoo.

In an interview, Kasenjere who has made an acting debut in the movie, said  producing the movie was demanding but fulfilling as it speaks about the life of most youths in country.


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