New technologies to improve construction industry

Construction expert from Maccaferri Southern Africa, Ricardo Sousa, has tipped local contractors on new technologies to use to improve efficiency in the industry.

Speaking on Friday in Lilongwe during a workshop, he said reliance on traditional construction techniques is pulling the local industry backwards.

“In the workshop, we introduced to Malawi contractors technologies in use worldwide.

Sousa: We are introducing new technologies

“These technologies are both cost-effective and durable. So, we are making them aware of such technologies and how to use them,” he said.

One of the engineers at Roads Authority, Elnas Chimdima, said local engineers are used to two technologies.

“Most contractors use geo-textiles and reno mattresses, but today we have learnt a number of technologies and how to use them.

“The workshop will bring an improvement in the local construction industry,” she said.

Machinery Spares and Trading Limited general manager Shafiq Latif said new technologies will be supplied to contractors in time.

“We are ready to distribute the new technologies, but we need timely orders to enable us have time to import them from South Africa,” he said.

The training attracted engineers from private construction firms, consultants and officials from government departments involved in various construction projects.

Maccaferri is a South African manufacturer of construction materials distributed by Machinery Spares and Trading Limited in the country.

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