Peter Mukhito

Inspector General of Malawi Police Service, I would realise that the reasons given for the re-arrest of prominent lawyer and human rights activist Ralph Kasambara raised more questions than answers.

I would realise, if I were the top cop, that the argument that the police gave that Kasambara was re-arrested because his release order was obtained when the courts were on strike didn’t make sense because my officers also obtained search and arrest warrants from the same courts.

How I wish I were the IG, because I would realise that it was unfair to arrest Kasambara and his security men and turn a blind eye on his alleged attackers.

To avoid raising suspicions, I would make it a point that those who wanted to attack Kasambara should also be questioned.

I would also realise, if I were the IG, that the continued detention of Kasambara is unlawful considering that he successfully obtained bail from the courts.

All I am trying to say is that if I were the IG, I would acknowledge that Kasambara’s detention was in defiance of a court order.

I would also realise that an admission made by prison authorities that they had received orders from police not to release Kasambara is a clear indication that there is more to the issue than meets the eye.

That is if only I were brother Peter. Fortunately, I am not him!

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