Political over-zealousness will take us nowhere

Dear judge Mbadwa,

You must be one of the most patient homosapiens I have ever encountered, my Lord. Imagine all the insults and diatribes and ridicule your honourable bench was subjected to this week by ‘that group’ that was seen exercising their constitutional right to vent out their frustrations on wrong people in the streets.

Why didn’t I hear you responding to those invectives thrown at you? Is there a legal maxim that sounds the same as letting the slumbering dogs continue to snore into obscurity which you have invoked in this matter?

But my Lord, this is not the time to let the sleeping dogs lie after somebody has committed a legal sacrilege of insulting an honourable judge.

At least from the placards, we can now deduce that the idea to disrespect your court was premeditated.

My lord, I would defend the People’s Demagogic Party’s right to moan and whine over the sudden change of fortunes or their vicissitudes if you like, but I would not encourage the culture of defaming and insulting the bench for the obvious reasons.

You might be a judge, my lord, but you have a right to seek legal redress, too. Your lawyer, from the look of things, will not have a lot of work to do to prosecute this case if you so decide.

My lord, I have noticed with utter disgust the manner at which some not-so-honourable members of the Nyasaland Native Assembly want to pour scorn at your epoch-making judgement.

My lord, they have deliberately been acting as if they are uncultured, maybe out of ignorance or sheer partisan overzealousness, without considering the consequences of their actions.

I reckon that each and every village has its own idiot, but wasn’t it kind of strange to see men who are supposed to be so honourable competing to be crowned the clowns of the Nyasaland Native Assembly? And for what gain?

I would be sounding religious if I borrow what Jesus said in scriptures—lamenting that the people didn’t “know how to interpret the signs of the times”.

At the peak of the debate for chairman’s bid for a third go at the presidency, some famous person who wanted to demonstrate his exaggerated love for the famous Yellow Buns at the time got more than he bargained.

He was quickly thrown into the dustbin of history after his antics in the House led to the thunderous fall from grace we don’t want to talk about again.

And when I saw honourable Bulleyman trying to behave as if they are the Deontay Wilder or some Tyson Fury of their group, I asked myself why don’t people learn from the mistakes of others?

You don’t have to threaten others to make your point. Only people with low self-esteem like to display that trait.

My lord, surely history will judge political bullies harshly for being overzealous and they will be forgotten just as others before them.

But consider taking legal action on the matter.

Waiting to hear from you.


John Citizen.

With Emmanuel Luciano

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