Read widely for growth—author

Malawi-Scotland Partnership chief executive officer Vera Kamtukule has advised Malawians to read widely, sating books are a powerful source of information which can transform lives.

She gave the advice during the launch of a book Seize The Moment by Pastor Mayamiko Mwamadi in Lilongwe on Friday.

“Opportunities are never packaged in the conventional way and, therefore, it is only the bold who are willing to get their hands dirty who will find them,” said Kamtukule.

She said the new book is about opportunities which people must use to change their circumstances.

“This is the best time to show the world that we also have good writers in Malawi,” said Kamtukule, who has authored  books such as More Than a Pastor’s Wife, The Absalomic Loss, The Professional Woman and Made to Blossom.

During the launch, Vice-President Everton Chimulirenji, who was represented by Rusell Golden, bought the new book at K300 000.

Apostle Mike Chisale, founder of Remnant Church of Jesus, dedicated the book to God.

“I pray that it will not only help the youth but Malawians in general,” he said.

Seize The Moment is a book written by Mwamadi and was initially prepared as a single sermon before he developed it into a book based on personal experiences. The  author ministers at Christian Family Church in Lilongwe and this is his first book.

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