Too late for beach party

Delays in starting a pre-Sand Music Festival show almost spoiled a good event at Kabumba Hotel in Salima.

Billed to start at 3pm, the show only started at 10pm to the disappointment of music lovers who had gathered for the event.

The show was organised as a pre-event for the 2019 edition of the Sand Music Festival which will take place at the same venue.

Under the banner 2019 Sand Music Festival Warm Up Show, the gig brought together live performances from members of the country’s award-winning and decorated music groups Black Missionaries Band, popularly known as Ma Blacks.

Ma Blacks also took to the stage

Mwachedwa, mwachedwa, tadikira kokwana ife’, shouted some fans as the first artist to perform on the night Sam Smacks took to the stage.

Their disappointment was met by a lengthy apology from Smacks.

After his apology, fans seemed to have forgiven the organisers and the party mood returned.

Staged at the exact spot for the 2018 Lake of Stars dance flow, artists took turns to entertain the fun-seekers gathered.

Capitalising on Smacks’ energetic opening act, Nepman wowed the audience with his catchy voice.

Then ‘Soldier’ Lucius Banda showed his experience and stage control with his calmness and composure.

‘Soldier’ shared with the fans plans for the event which will take place in November.

He said this year they have something for all age groups.

“There is a Jamaican old guy with grey hair and from Tanzania a young man is coming for the youth and Botswana is on move as well,” said Banda.

Taking his turn, Black Missionaries frontman Anjiru Fumulani called on the local audience to support the festival.

Brino Ligomeka a fan from Nkhotakota applauded the show’s organisers saying the idea of bringing Zembani Band to share the stage with Ma Blacks was unique.

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