Gensets becoming permanent power generation solution

Gensets becoming permanent power generation solution

Dear judge Mbadwa,

I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry after hearing Nyasaland Minister of Natural Resources’ claim that diesel generators have stabilised power, but have they?

I have been searching the meaning of stabilization and it doesn’t come any near what consumers have been forced to experience during the time that the generators have been in existence.

I have noted that the load-shedding hours have been extended in between, of course various reasons have been given for the status quo, yet what is baffling me is that something that was brought in as a temporary measure is becoming a permanent solution if not the mainstay.

My lord, nobody is talking about how we will recoup on millions of kwacha lost in the theft of diesel under the watch of authorities as we continue to spend more millions on this fuel.

An economy run on diesel is not the one we wished for to transform this country into some Singapore.

When promises were made that in under-12 months, the country’s power generation capacity will have increased and more independent power producers will have added some notable megawatts to the national grid, we were so gullible to believe that the generators were a temporary measure.

Promises turned into lies and now more promises are being made and we will eventually witness their metamorphosing into new lies and excuses.

A temporary solution is supposed to be such and should always give birth to the permanent one and yet nothing of that sort will happen.

My lord, let me be the skeptic that I have been labelled to be but I am not buying the news that we are going to get rid of the generators any sooner. They are here to stay!

I once argued that the whole genset arrangement was from the onset bizarre for a country that claims to be progressive and whose leadership likes to parade itself as the best there is.

By this letter, therefore, My Lord I want to register my dissatisfaction with authorities’ penchant to change goal posts on deadlines they set, especially on improving power generation.

Advise me My Lord whether applying leave for judicial review in the whole generator arrangement would be the ideal thing to do.

I said then that this investment was not worth every noise it has generated, not at all! So, My Lord, I ask your Tribunal to tell Bee-Tonne and company that I am a pessimist at best; hence, I should be spared from the new sad songs about diesel-generated.

I say no to Zigayo za Dizilozi.


Genset Phiri.

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