APM boos mar Mzuni graduation

Despite delegating newly appointed vice-chancellor John Kalenga Saka to preside over the Mzuzu University graduation on Friday, President Peter Mutharika’s name was booed each time it was mentioned.

Mutharika, who is Chancellor of the university, delegated Saka to preside over the ceremony, which was shifted from Mzuzu Stadium to Mzuzu University football ground following electoral protests.

Magwira addresses the gathering

The event started on a good note, but when it was time for Mzuni Council chairperson McPhail Magwira to speak, the graduating students and other people at the event booed at the mention of the name of the President.

Magwira was thanking Mutharika for appointing Saka as vice-chancellor and other members, as the institution had run for about two years without a vice-chancellor.

The audience booed again after Magwira thanked Mutharika for allegedly showing commitment to build a library at the university.

Students have been pushing for construction of a new library since 2015, after it was burnt by fire. Currently, students use a small improvised library.

In his speech, Saka pledged to run the university to the best of his ability.

“The council will fight to unlock the full potential of the university. I promise that this university will be more credible, competitive and responsive,” he said.

During the ceremony, the institution awarded 1 247 students were awarded certificates, diplomas and degrees in over 20 programmes.

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