China to help Malawi grow its tourism sector


Chinese Ambassador Shi Ting Wang says his country will help to grow Malawi’s tourism sector, stressing that Malawi has huge potential.

“As the Chinese Ambassador, I want more people to know Malawi, come to Malawi and invest in Malawi.

“Malawi has one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the world; it is also one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Lake Malawi is a Unesco [United  Nations, Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation] world heritage site,” said Shi Ting in a statement.

Tourism is key for socio-economic development

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism director of tourism Isaac Katopola has hailed the decision taken by the Ambassador, saying China has a huge tourism market.

“It is true that Malawi is not well known in China and even though we have an agent in China, we still need to do more to sell Malawi.

“We have for the past years concentrated on Beijing, but we need to sell Malawi in other big cities in China,” said Katopola.

He said tour agents in China need to be given more information on Malawi because language is one of the challenges that makes it difficult to sell the country.

The Chinese government has helped Malawi to improve its infrastructure through such projects as Bingu International Conference Centre, The President’s Walmont Hotel, Presidential Villas, Parliament Building and Bingu National Stadium, among others. n

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