Farmers enjoying value addition benefits in Kasungu

Members of Msambafumu Cooperative in Kasungu are realising more money from groundnuts because they add value before selling.

In an interview on Sunday, the group’s chairperson Maxwell Phiri said members make peanut butter and groundnut flour which they sell at a higher price than raw groundnuts.

Moyo demonstrates how she grinds groundnuts mannually

“We make about 400 bottles of peanut butter per week and we can also make 100 kilogrammes of flour per week. This flour can be sold within two weeks and we can make up to K25 000 from flour sales alone,” he said.

He added that the 400 bottles of peanut butter can be sold within a month.

The group’s secretary Iness Moyo said she does not want to sell raw groundnuts to vendors anymore.

In the 25-member group, 20 are women and five are men.

Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), alongside Malawi Government are implementing a Marketing Capacity Building Project in Mzimba and Kasungu with funding from Government of Flanders.

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