Troll and let Phyzix win


ould I be wrong if I made a proclamation that local hip-hop artist Phyzix is the most happening and trending musician now in the country?

If I were wrong, then I am not too far from the truth. Sifting through the social media platform, one cannot miss the huge presence of the lyrist. His visibility is not from his own efforts though. The artist has hogged the limelight by default through the endless trolls and digs aimed at his persona. 

For some unknown reasons, Phyzix appears to have earned himself a good number of enemies who are forever trolling him on social media. The sight of memes mocking the artist are not strange. A day cannot pass without reading a paragraph or two discrediting him in one way or another.

Sometimes it is just too much. At times you stop to ask yourself if that’s the price one has to pay for being a public figure. Or should I say a celebrity? But he is a rap star after all. The day he decided to set his foot in the rap game he knew very well the demands of the game.

Beef is one core element that drives and defines a typical hip-hop culture. If you rub someone the wrong way, then know he is coming for you one day soon. If your rival thinks you are stealing a match on him, he will stick his foot in your way just to distract you or push you away from the limelight.

But in this very rap game, there is nothing such as bad publicity. As long as your name is in kept in the public domain, then you are winning. Players in the industry have done the dumbest things just to get people talking about them prior to the release of their albums or movies.

So from that perspective, this should be one moment that the Cholapitsa creator is enjoying so much in his life as an artist. Imagine waking up every day and witness the time and effort people, at times strangers, are investing just to say something to get at you.

The feeling should certainly make you feel so important and relevant. You only go for something that whose existence impacts you in any one way or another. There must be something that all these trolls admire about Phyzix.

And out of ignorance these trolls are giving the artist a platform that is priceless. They are making people who did not know Phyzix dig deep to find out who he is. They are making people who previously had not listened to any of his songs to have one or two on their playlist.

As that guy in the limelight, Phyzix appears to have taken it well. He has rode on this popularity wave to concentrate on producing the beats. Just this week, the banker-cum-artist has released a single Makofi which he featured hip-hop duo The Dare Devils.

The song itself is a response to all the negativity that has been aimed at him over the months. Not a bad effort after all. Maybe out of all the songs that he has dropped in the recent past, Makofi carries the energy that the artist was once known for.

This is a pointer that he has embraced the situation in the very positive way possible. The trolls have been a stimuli that have perhaps awoken something that went asleep within the artist. Listening to the song one can see how much fun Phyzix had dropping the bars as he took his detractors head on.

For what gains the trolls want to achieve in their smear-mud campaign on the artist, they should know that they have lost round one of this battle. Phyzix has come out on top in this silent warfare.

If they want to come again, let them fashion a better approach which will solely work to their advantage and not the one that is also fueling the engine of the person they want to take down. They can troll, but he will be the only winner eventually.

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