Folklore, book excerpts in new album

 It is common knowledge in Malawi that many people do not read books regularly. Books are rarely read and mostly they are read by students for grades or by people who really love reading for particular purposes. It is for this reason that Afro pop artist Triza Titus decided to take writings from her yet-to-be published book and turn them into lyrics. The results are an album titled Umoza (Unity).

She said: “People do not read books in Malawi but almost everyone listens to music and I want people to hear my messages in both the book and music. So, if they do not read my book, at least they can hear the message in my songs.”

Titus said she wrote the book about her personal experiences and life’s journey which she knows many people can relate to.

Titus: I have sampled some folksongs

“On top of the lyrics taken from my book, I have sampled some folksongs that we used to sing when we were young,” she said.

Titus said she wanted to do songs fostering peace since Malawi is going through difficult times and settled for the folksong Gona Mwana.

“I remember when we used to sing this song Gona Mwana as children. I used to feel so peaceful inside and I thought it could touch many people as well if I record it now,” she said.

On her book, the female artist said it is a personal journey.

“It is very sensitive, emotional but also has some fun in it. I have had a terrible childhood but its time to move on and put it all behind me,” she said, adding that the titles of her songs are titles of chapters in her book.

“I wanted to put the album in a unique way,” she said.

The seven-track album was produced at Green Jamz Record with Zephy Oldies.

After sharing one of her tracks Gona Mwana on her Facebook page, fans reacted positively to the new music.

“Dc Brown Jay Daniels wrote: “This is a massive and sweet tune. I love it and I can’t wait for it. So much maturity.”

Kabol Lombwe wrote: “You have your own style, very unique.”

Another fan Jacobs Kanjirawaya wrote: “I like the voice, female version of Nepman…no need to fine-tune the voice, si za choir izi, nice tune as well.”

The album, which is done in English, Chichewa and Tumbuka, has tracks such as Bible, Tribalism, Chingaba Wuli, Gona Mwana, We Are One, Munda and Kamzyanga.

Titus has four other albums to her credit

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