Phyzix takes his Ghetto Festival to LL

After his inaugural Ghetto Festival, which took place in Blantyre last year, local hip-hop artist Phyzix is taking his ghetto dreams to Lilongwe this year.

Under his It’s Only Entertainment (IOE) music stable, the rapper organises a series of one-day youth music shows aimed at connecting youths from Blantyre and Lilongwe cities.

Phyzix takes his ghetto initiative to Lilongwe

Phyzix said in an interview that the events are important as they facilitates engagement with the youth who are hindered by many problems which can be traced to poverty, illiteracy and unemployment. He said the idea is to use music as a tool for information dissemination.   

“There is so much potential and activities in the ghettos that can spur serious economic activities among the youth who are very energetic. We just need to equip them with the right information,” he said.

The Ghetto Festival has attracted artists such as Macelba, Janta, Mwanache, Martse, Tsar Leo, Beanca, Lucent The Violinist, Krzaie G, K2B Block, Mabilinganya Empire and Quest. It will be hosted by MC Roxy and comedian Tanah populary known as Mr Broken English.

Phyzix said  the choice of Mbowe Park as the venue for the event was deliberate to help clear the misconceptions that the place is a haven for bad behaviour perpetrated by youths.

He said: “If there is any element of truth in such assertions, then we are going to the right place. We want to inspire each other as youths to minimise our involvement in behaviours that can endanger our future.”

One of the performing artists, Janta said the festival will accord them an opportunity as youths to reach out to their fellows and share some life tips.

“The list of performers is all youthful. That alone should a motivation enough that once one is focused, it is possible to realise their dreams,” he said.

The event is expected to take place on November 9 and it will be free of charge.

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